The Danone Nations Cup and Danone Waters are launching their online game to raise public awareness for healthy hydration

Drinking sufficient quantities of water every day: an obvious routine which is not always considered to be of great importance! Water is an essential element for the proper functioning of our body. Every day we spend about 2.5 liters of water, in either a visible or an invisible way.

When we practice sports, hydration becomes the key for optimal and healthy activity.

So in order to raise the general public’s awareness of adequate hydration, Danone Waters and the Danone Nations Cup are launching their online game: HydraTricks

The concept is simple: the more water one makes his football player drink, the better he performs his tricks. On the other hand, if he is poorly hydrated, it becomes more difficult for him to complete his juggles: with a panda’s head, a giant jersey, in a pool filled with balls or even wearing armor.

A grand prize draw will be held with numerous prizes to be won including balls autographed by Zinedine Zidane, ambassador of the Danone Nations Cup.

Head to to have a go!